Research and Work Experience

Fall 2013

Assessing percent cover of aquatic plant species
Photo: Marit Wilkerson

As Conservation Ecologist for the Resource Conservation District of Monterey County, I work on collaborative, large-scale habitat restoration and flood prevention programs in the Salinas River watershed.

As a Research Associate in Urban Ecological Restoration at the University of Tennessee, I led a collaborative project to create an ecological inventory for Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness.

My dissertation research was focused on the theoretical and practical applications of understanding the drivers of aquatic plant community composition, particularly in the context of stream and riparian restoration.

In 2012, I completed a two-year research project for the Solano County Water Agency on aquatic vegetation management issues.

My Conservation Management Program project assessed baseline conditions of aquatic plant community composition in Independence Lake, CA, to contribute to The Nature Conservancy’s management plan for the lake.

I am a collaborator on a project examining contingency in ecological research in the context of grassland restoration.

Some of my pre-graduate school research experiences include working for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, in a plant biology lab at Florida State University, and for NASA contractor, Dynamac Corp., at the Kennedy Space Center.